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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. breaking news now at 6:00. jumping to safety in east bay. several people and a young child are forced to make a daring escape after a late-night fire. and in the last hour, a second fire breaks out nearby. we're live at the scene. and remembering the south bay teenager who took her own life after becoming a victim of cyber bullying and sexual abuse. the tough new law being written in her memory and what it will do. president obama offers russian president vladimir putin a diplomatic solution but this morning putin is tightening his grip on that country. thanks for joining us at 5:00. it's 6:00. i'm katie marzullo in for eric thomas. it is friday. let's take a look at how the
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weather is shaping up and for the weekend. >> we'll start from the roof. good morning where it's a little bit cooler, 5 to 10 degrees cooler. notice behind me, we have a few high clouds. colorful sunrise. i'll capture that and put it on facebook and twitter. you can see the high clouds starting to roll in on live doppler 7 ac. hitting the north bay that has kept the fog formation to a minimum. so cooler. temperatures mid to upper 40s. day planner near the bay will be in the 60s. 63 degrees at 4:00. little bit warm ner. mild, mid 50s. as far as our day planner inland, 46 degrees. low 40s throughout right now. mid to upper 60s. quiet 57 at 7:00. the clouds are thickest this morning. the low clouds along the coast. patchy fog in the 50s. hang out in the upper 50s with high clouds and sunshine. you'll get a beautiful sunset. if you're stepping out, it will
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be 55 degrees. here's sue with a look at your morning commute. >> thanks, mike. we're going back to antioch. no sooner said than done have an accident at summersville near the off ramp. it is jamming things up. it is typically slow but that is blocking the left lane. we'll be keeping our eye out for that. northbound 680 at crow canyon. not affecting your drive there. speaking of which, let's take a look at your drive times. out of antioch, 40 minutes into hercules. westbound 80, that's your east shore commute. in san jose, looking pretty good, 85 to the san jose airport. live look at the toll plaza. no metering lights. looks like we may have a bit of traffic bunched up in the cash paying lanes. look at that sky. beautiful right into san francisco this morning. katie, kristin. 6:02. let's go back to our breaking news now in hayward. two fires keeping firefighters busy this morning. one started last night and the
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other in the last hour. >> let's go back live to abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield. what's happening right now? >> reporter: well, kristin, last night's fire, they had to -- some adults had to jump from a second story win be doe to safety and they even had to throw a 3-year-old child out that window. that child is here right now. i want to introduce him to you. he is the cutest thing you have ever seen. this is maurice and his uncle, james fitzpatrick. hi, sweetie. james, can you tell me what happened now that you're looking at that window that you know he came out of. >> you would never expect that it could happen to you. i was not expecting to get woke up out of my sleep to wake up and hear that my mom's apartment is on fire. >> what did she tell you that she had to do to get maurice to safety? >> my sister told me is she told me that basically my mom had to jump out the window and my stepdad had to jump out the window and someone had to throw maurice out the window to my
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aunt at this who was waiting to catch him. it was real crazy. i don't know what to say. >> maurice, you are okay, right? tell us what you saw, honey. >> sfwhapd. >> i jumped out the window. >> you jumped out the window. >> you are okay? your tennis shoes are so cool. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> he's fine, right? he looks great. >> yes, he's fine. >> he checked out okay? >> yes. the doctors, they looked at him. he's fine. >> they caught him? >> yes, my aunt at this caught him. >> how old is she? >> i'm not sure. mesha, how old is tanya? >> an older woman. thanks for sharing it with us. maurice, i'm glad you're okay. this happened last night. it was about 11:00 here on 7th street in hayward. at this point firefighters say it looks like it started in the kitchen of the apartment. possibly was because of some cooking, something from the night before. they're still looking into it. several units in this building
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that they contained it to one. there is smoke and water damage in other units. about 12 people are displaced. those adults who had to jump from the window were taken to the hospital. a firefighter tells me that they had to go into surgery but they did safely escape that fire. reporting live in hayward, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. so glad na maurice is okay. amy, thank you. now to the crisis in ukraine. presidential phone calls and face-to-face diplomatic meetings are not working this morning. abc's timon bradley is live in washington with how russian president vladimir putin is tightening his grip. timon. >> reporter: katie and kristen, this standoff has taken a dangerous return. secretary of state kerry returns home without a solution as vladimir putin digs in. with the crisis in the u crane digging in, the united states is offering vladimir putin a diplomatic solution. president obama is proposing direct talks between ukraine and
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russia. russian forces returning to their bases and international monitors in the ukraine. even after mr. obama and mr. putin spoke on the phone for an hour, he doesn't seem to want to budge. in fact, he's tightening his grip. putin claims ethnic russians are asking for help. they pushed crimea's parliament to call for a referendum vote to become part of the russian federation. the u.s. calls that illegal. >> in 2014 we are well beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders. >> reporter: the international community has moved swiftly to impose sanctions on russia. european leaders suspended talks with russia on an economic pack and a visa agreement. >> we have issued a very clear warning to president putin that he must not destabilize the region. >> reporter: president obama has issued a ban for those deemed responsible and is freezing
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their u.s. assets. the u.s. has sent fighter jets to the region to help nato monitor the skies. >> reporter: this could get very dicey if the people of crimea during the march 16th refr ren done decide to join russia. the u.s. and e.u. says they won't recognize that vote. >> thank you so much. want to take a look outside today. not the drizzly kind of thing we saw the last couple of days. clear but what else is going on today? pretty colors too, mike. >> yeah. >> i always love sunrise this time of the year when the high clouds are rolling in, you up light them. you get colors like this. the yellows, oranges, baby blues out there that are changing from the dark blues of the overnight skies. let's take a look at some temperatures because it is cooler. you may have to dress a little more warmly this morning with 44 now in alan rock, campbell, c p coop coopertino. newark, 44. lafayette, 47.
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danville, 43. san carlos in san francisco and half moon bay, 48. san pablos, 46. this is the way it looks. a little haze in the air. that's to be expected with high pressure. puts a little bit of a lid on the atmosphere as the air sinks from the higher levels to the lower levels. it will bring us high sunshine. it will be strong enough to warm up to 1 to 4 degrees higher than average. a lot of mid to upper 60s. that's your sunrise and sunset. moving forward. tomorrow is the warmest day of the weekend. high clouds become a little thicker in the afternoon hours. we'll still hit the low to mid 70s. increasing clouds sunday means a little bit cooler but we'll have a slight chance of light rain in the afternoon/evening hours. into the north bay will spread through the evening. mop day ought to be dry but a little bit cooler. no need to worry about the umbrella. grab the sunglasses. here's a look at your traffic with sue hall. >> thanks, mike.
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we have an accident near somersville in antioch. it's typically slow here anyway, but this morning you'll probably want to give yourself extra time due to this accident in the clearing. southbound 880 at high with a stall that could be slowing your drive there. and we will go outside and take a live look now at the san mateo bridge if your drive takes you from industrial, across the span over towards foster city and san mateo. you're looking at about a 15 minute drive which is at the limit. chri kristin, katie? >> sue, thank you. more breaking news from san jose. a fire has sent two people to the hospital and we're learning investigators are treating the area as a crime scene. let's go back to abc 7 news reporter nick smith. nick. >> reporter: kristin, this continues to evolve. i want you to take a look now. san jose police officers have arrived on the scene. we're at the intersection of
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lupe avenue and wade. this is a crime scene. this is what we know, a man and woman suffered minor injuries in a two-alarm house fire in san jose this morning. the call came in just before 4:00 a.m. now fire fort worthers had trouble accessing the home due to the security bars on the doors and windows. i asked the captain how they got in, what they needed to do when they arrived. this is what he had to say. >> firefighters when they arrived on scene found that the garage door was open but that all the other doors and windows were secured. they had to force entry into the front opening, the front door of the residence. as firefighters, we won't enter a structure unless we know we have two ways out of a structure. where he tells us that after their vectors had an opportunity to speak to the man and woman who were inside the home they then had enough information to say something wasn't right and they declared this a crime scene. they believe arson may have played a role in this fire here on edna way.
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firefighters are still on the scene because they say there are still hot spots that they need to keep an eye on. they have secured the area. they have blocked it off here at the intersection once again. we have no idea how long firefighters and san jose police officers will be on the scene. this is, indeed, an actual criminal investigation. in san jose, nick smith, abc 7 news. nick, thank you. 6:11. call it a sign of the times. ahead, a major american company taking away employee pensions. what it's offering instead. first, internet intimidation. a country threatens to block not one but two bay area tech giants. big changes coming for facebook users. major redesign you'll soon notice the next time you log on to
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since i had had health insurance -- icy i needed. of since i had hwhat policy i needed.- within 4icy. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at >> announcer: covering dublin, losgetos and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. new this morning, the prime minister of turkey is threatening to block two popular silicon valley websites from his country. prime minister announced in an
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interview late last night that turkey could ban facebook and youtube because he believes his political enemies are abusing the social networking website. his rival has released audio recordings on the website that indicate possible corruption. he denies any wrongdoing. he added he will not leave turkey at the mercy of youtube and facebook. a company is rolling out a redesigned news feed for desktop users. take a look. the company posted the screen grab on the blog showing what the updated news feed looks like. it looks pretty similar to the old version. the key version is that the desktop and mobile versions will look the same. the social networking site says it will make facebook look more consistent and easier to use. among the biggest change, larger images. one of the best known companies in the country is shifting more of its workers from pensions to 401 k savings accounts. boeing will move 68,000 nonunion
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salaried staff employees to 401 k accounts starting in 2016. this includes managers, executives and even the boeing ceo. it follows a contentious vote this year when bowing's machinist union voted to change to a 401 k account. it's 6:16. how about your commute to work this morning? are there problems? >> slower than a jet probably. >> a lot slower. >> slower than a yejet, that's right. now cleared westbound highway 4 at somersville and antioch, very slow traffic. which is fairly typical for your drive westbound highway 4 anyway. to oakland southbound 880 at high, this is a stall in the right lane. that is slowing things. well, actually, it looks like it's improved. maybe while getting that cleared i'll check on that for you. to san francisco, right, southbound at the 101 at the split.
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280, we have a stalled mail truck in the road there. you can find slow traffic. while you're looking outside to the richmond san rafel bridge, i'm hearing in my ear we don't have that shot but we have an accident in morin southbound 101 in san pedro off to the shoulder. mike is up on the roof with a look at your forecast. >> sue, thank you very much. nice to see you and this you this morning. how about this? nice to see a dry commute. look at the colors developing once again as the sun is about to come up fairly soon in about 16 minutes or so. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. because of the high clouds the fog has had a hard time forming. five miles visibility. beautiful picture from the east bay hills across the bay bridge right into san francisco. in fact, you can see the sucho tower there off in the distance. dry and warmer not only today but tomorrow. light rain starts to roll into the north bay sunday evening and
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the rest of us through monday morning. we'll start a little bit on a wet note. extended period after that is even warmer and dry. dryer than what we're going to dealing with today and tomorrow. near 60 along the coast. mid to upper 60s just about everywhere else. let's head down to our lows and you can see around 40 san rosa, 41 napa. 50 at oklahoma, san francisco. there's still a possibility of patchy fog tomorrow morning when you step outside. while we were sleeping, high pressure. well, it's split into two and now we've got both of them dominating overtop of us pushing the jet stream to the west and the north. a few high clouds will rome over top of it. it will keep the rain away from today and tomorrow. saturday, i think the high clouds will get thicker later in the afternoon than today's high clouds. drizzle sunday morning into the north bay. as we head into the afternoon hours still just some spotty sprinkles, maybe a little drizzle developing by 5:00. once the sun sets sunday at about 7:10, that's when the
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steadier rain starts to move in. then you can see by 4:00 it's moving through the north bay and starting to head into the rest of the bay. that's why we're going to have a little bit of wetness for monday's commute. for today you can see the fog will lead to nice conditions this afternoon. temperatures above average. even warmer tomorrow, low to mid 70s. the coast, low to mid 60s. set your clock an hour ahead saturday into sunday. we'll see a lot of cloud cover sunday. that will take our temperatures down. coolest monday with the rain in the morning. sunshine in the afternoon. low to mid 60s at the coast tuesday, wednesday, thursday. 70s elsewhere. we had snow earlier this week. some is coming this week end. how's the ski report? let's ask sue. >> toyota tahoe report. we are -- they did get a couple of -- maybe about one or two inches. a little dusting last night according to other reports from squaw valley. they have a good looking base. little over 6 feet. nice drive. snow chains required on 80 or
6:20 am
50. nice and clear. little over 5 foot base at heavenly valley. let's take a look with another inch at sierra and tahoe. home wood getting another inch as well. boreo at the summit is looking good with over four feet of base there as well. let's take it back now to kristin and katie. >> in for leyla this morning. 6:20. bombshell testimony this morning at the os carr miss tore yous trial. infidelity and gunfire. what the double amputee's former girlfriend is revealing about the olympic sprinter. coming up first, a fortune cookie lives up to its name for one very lucky woman.
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so they will have some nice skiing there if you can get out there. sunny skies. light winds today. boy, don't you wish. >> looks good. now let's check in with amy for a look at what's coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning. coming up next on gma, the ultimate birthday surprise for one little boy. his mom started a happy birthday, colin, facebook page
6:24 am
after he said he didn't have any friends to invite to his birthday party. now more than 2 million people have hit like on that page. this morning we're throwing him a huge surprise party. he's going to join us live. that's all next on gma. a man who lost half a million in las vegas is now suing the casinos to get his money back. mark johnston says he was served so many drinks that he blacked out super bowl weekend. the retired real estate investor claims the downtown grand casino took advantage of him and that he drank 20 cocktails over 17 hours and he doesn't remember gambling the money away. >> picture a drunk walking down the street and he's drunk and somebody goes up and just pick pockets him and takes his wallet out of him. that's how i characterize it. >> feel like they were stealing from you? >> absolutely. >> it's against the law for casinos to serve people who are visibly intoxicated. if the gaming commission finds him guilty it could be fined or lose its license. the casino has no comment saying
6:25 am
it's in the middle of a lawsuit with johnston. >> buyer be wear. a new york woman now has a new fortune all thanks to a fortune cookie. 74-year-old maem duval from the bronx won $2 million in the powerball. she said her son picked up dinner mr. a local noodle shop. she played the numbers on the fortune and matched 5 of the 6 in the february 1st powerball drawing. she said it's likely others use those numbers to play the lottery. i bet others will try it. >> people do that. i wonder if they'll flock to the restaurant. >> good point. can't hurt. >> yeah. fortune cookie. 6:25. the abc 7 morning news continues at 6:30 with today's top stories. we'll follow breaking news from the south bay. house fire turns into an arson investigation. we're live with the injuries that sent two people to the hospital. live doppler 7 hd showing dry air this morning. no wetness to be found until
6:26 am
sunday. i'll tell you when it gets here and if it will mess up your monday morning commute. and sue hall live in the abc traffic 7 center. metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic stacked up. well, all in all it's a pretty mild friday morning. friday light commute. we have a couple of minor problem spots that we will hit on with you when we come back on abc 7 news.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo tv 3wr0d cast center, this is abc 7 news. good morning. at 6:29 the opening bell is about to ring on wall sfleet 45 seconds. what you're looking at here is representatives from the company could you they're here in mountain view. they're doing their ipo so the ceo will be ringing the opening bell. employees are celebrating outside with breakfast in mountain view. congratulations to another bay area company. and in about ten seconds or so the opening bell will be ringing. coupo, a location you can go online to get coupons for retailers. that's been gaining in
6:30 am
popularity in recent years. we'll see how they do on its debut day. i'm katie marzulo in for eric thomas this morning. we want to send it up to the roof. a difference this morning. >> oh, my goodness, it's going to get warm, right, later on, mike? >> yeah, definitely warmer after a cooler start. it may not be raining, but it's definitely cooler. it is dry. we almost have liftoff you can see behind me. the sun about to pop up here in the next three minutes or so. watching some high clouds. those will keep rolling in today. it will be dry just like it is now on live doppler 7 hd. let's talk about your day. the next 12 hours. mid to upper 40s. beautiful sunrise. it will be much brighter during the lunch hour. lows to mid 60s. it will be warmer by 5 to 6 degrees. upper 50s to 60s. enjoy a very quiet evening. high clouds roaming across the
6:31 am
sky. you'll see stars. look for temperatures in the mid 50s. how about that commute? we're hoping for friday light. what's ahead? >> it's pretty much friday light. we had some earlier incidents. it looks like a lot of them are cleared out of the roadway. oakland, earlier stall. southbound at 880 high. that's clear. yellow sensor. you might find minor slowing. mini bus. airport shuttles perhaps southbound 280 past cesar chavez. to morin county, southbound 101 san pedro. a mail truck. that's out of lane. let's take a look now. that's the passing lane. a light drive. >> breaking news.
6:32 am
>> a young child had to be thrown from the window. let's go back live. abc 7 news reporter. >> the window, it is very high up there. here he is. he was tloep out the window into the arm of an aunt. the family had to escape a fire that was in their apartment. three adults ended up jumping out of the window. they suffered minor injuries such as a broken ankle, broken pelvis but they escaped the fire as did maurice which was a huge relief to the fire. >> what if my aunt wasn't right there. who would have caught him? >> what did you do? >> just jump out the window.
6:33 am
>> reporter: now check out this fire. this happened this morning. it was behind the apartment where the original fire happened. we smelled something. we saw this. cars were on fire. nine damaged in all, seven are destroyed. the scary part was how close this happened to where people were sleeping. we could see their lights turning on as they woke up and realized there was a fire right next to them. everyone was okay. firefighters don't think they're related. one started in a kitchen, another in a carport. just a bizarre coincidence. one resident told us it was so unbelievable that they experienced two fires in five hours of each other that he thinks maybe he's still sleeping, maybe he's just dreaming because in is just too difficult to believe. amy, thanks. we also have breaking news in the south bay where a san jose
6:34 am
firefighter was very busy this morning. two people are in the hospital after a house fire and investigators say this is a possible arson. abc 7 news reporter nick smith joins us live. nick. >> those two people who have been hospitalized are critically injured from burns. take a look over my shoulder. we're here at the intercession of lupe avenue and aetna way. san jose police officers have blocked off the area because this is now a crime scene. i had an opportunity to speak to chief reggie williams earlier. he talked about the fire that we had a chance to see on this cell phone video shot by a neighbor. the blaze was reported about 3:45 a.m. here in the 2900 block of aetna way located near mclaughlin avenue. when fire crews arrived they found 20 to 30 foot flames coming from the back of the home. this is what the chief -- the captain had to say when we spoke to him about this fire.
6:35 am
>> this scene has become an arson. they didn't give any specific reasons why it's become a crime scene. they did -- prior to coming to the scene the arson unit did go over to the hospital and interview the two patients that were transported. >> reporter: the man and woman suffered critical burn injuries and we do know that firefighters believe the blaze started behind the home at a patio structure that collapsed. firefighters are still on the scene because they say that there are hot spots. they will continue to keep the area blocked off until they complete their investigation and collect the evidence that they need. we will, of course, provide updates on abc 7 in san jose, nick smith, abc 7 news. >> nick, thank you. this morning san jose police officers are investigating two pedestrian accidents. this car's windshield shows the force of the impact. an officer at the scene told us
6:36 am
the pedestrian suffered serious but nonlife threatening injuries. the driver is cooperating. a few minutes later another pedestrian was hit by a car while walking on vanesse. no word on their condition. it comes 12 hours after they announce they will spend $17 million to improve pedestrian safety. they're trying to deter cyber bullying and sexual assault all blamed for a 15-year-old saratoga teenager's suicide. they're introducing audrey's law. bell wants to make sentences more severe in bullying cases like hers. she took her own life after three boys shared explicit photos of her when she passed out and was sexually assaulted at the party. the boys received short sentences, between 30 and 45 days in juvenile detention. if they had been tried as adults they would have spent ten years in prison.
6:37 am
authorities may be closer to solving the murders of five women on the peninsula. cases that go back 40 years. the fbi launched a new task force to investigate the 1976 murders in san mateo county. they had new evidence to suggest the gypsy hill killer chilled michelle mitchell, a reno nursing student. in 1979 a woman named kathy woods confessed to mitchell's murder. she was convicted and is serving a life sentence. a law enforcement force tells abc 7 news, they say even though dna evidence led to her conviction, they believe she may have had a male accomplice. >> love it. it's going to be -- if anything's going to solve it, this will. >> members of the task force plan to canvass neighborhoods where the victims were last seen in 1976 and where their bodies were discovered. coming up, some people don't like facebook's $19 billion purchase of whatsapp. now who's trying to block the
6:38 am
megadeal. new video shows the chaos after a blind man gets trapped under a subway. as we approach 6:38. a live look outside. this, the gorgeous sunrise from the roof cam. enjoy that. traffic and weather together
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welcome back. we're up on the roof.
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a heavier coat might help. the sun is up and we're at the coldest part of the day. from here on out it will get warmer. have you ever been up to great resort and casinos? do you like "wheel of fortune"? put them both together. get in line at 10:00. from noon to 4:00. you get to tryout to be a contestant on "wheel of fortune." guess who will be with you tomorrow? good luck. temperatures around 70 with high clouds and sunshine. upper 60s and mid 70s. same thing for san diego and l.a. let's take a look at the accuweather forecast. tahoe, dry today and tomorrow. some lake level rain. light snow sunday evening. better chance of snow monday. the light snow back tuesday, wednesday and thursday. safe travels to you. let's take a look at what's going on around here with sue hall. >> go back to san rafel. a mail truck and a car that got into it by the civic center near
6:42 am
north san pedro road. we're seeing a little bit of slow traffic out of nevada. that's fairly typical. the richmond ramp to eastbound 80, there was a tanker fuel truck that has stalled there and a car sideswiped it. i don't have any fuel spill but the ramp is affected. let's take a look at your drive times now. westbound 580. not a bad drive. concord, antioch to concord, little bit slow. we're going outside. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get onto the span, it's sluggish into san francisco. katie, kristen. thanks so much, sue. 6:42. new this morning, the labor department released a february jobs report in the last hour so we'll bring you the new numbers. and hollister on hard times. the major makeover the retailer is undergoing to get teens back into its stores. coming up first, infidelity and gunfire. the stunning revelations today
6:43 am
made at olympian oscar pistorius' murder trial.
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>> announcer: covering san mateo and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. welcome back. new this morning, bombshell testimony at the oscar pistorius murder trial. this is video of the double amputee arriving at the courthouse this morning. shortly afterward a former girlfriend testified their relationship ended when pistorius cheated on her with
6:46 am
reeva steenkamp. steenkamp is the woman the olympian shot and killed last year. the ex-girlfriend told the court he carried a gun with him all the time when they were dating and on one occasion pistorius fired a gun out of the car after a policeman stopped him for speeding. santa klara bingo hall is taking steps to stop and run brazen robberies. aqua maids bingo has hired a security guard. last month a 78-year-old woman was hit on the head with a gun several times by a man who took her purse. aqua maids bingo decided to take action. >> securing the premises, making sure everyone is safe. >> the four nights a week bingo games raise money for the santa klara aqua maids sin cloe niced swimmers. mark benny celebrates the anniversary of his cloud ware company. sales force and the nonprofit tipping point will announce an initiative to raise $10 million
6:47 am
for an antipoverty program. they're giving themselves 60 days to raise the money. they're persuading companies to raise $5,000 each. the challenge kicks off at justin her man plaza at 11:00 this morning. it is 6:47 and trading is underway on wall street. let's take a live look at the big board. the dow is trading up 57 points to 16,478. perhaps linked to the news on the jobs record today. and new this morning, in the last hour the labor department in fact released those reports and the unemployment rate did go up .1% to 6.7% but employers also added 175,000 jobs last month. two privacy groups have filed a complaint with the federal trade commission against the sale of whatsapp to facebook. they argue facebook has a history of violating privacy by changing the company's policies. they claim many whatsapp users
6:48 am
are incompatible with whatsapp pro privacy stamp. abercrombie & fitch is giving its new hollister brand a face lift. abercrombie is working with west coast vendors to come up with a supply chain that's fast and responsive. the shift will mean lowering prices. abercrombie began rolling out hollister stores 14 years ago to appeal to younger teens. the company says it's trying to craft a new profile in the wake of a recession. my question is what's hollister. >> well, you know, not the demographics. >> that's how old i am. >> no. no. >> you're younger than me. >> mike, did you know what hollister was? >> yes, because i have teenage boys who know teenage girls who wear those clothes. >> there's the equation. >> now i'm in the loop. i feel very informed. >> awesome. >> you have teenage boys, maybe you'll understand, too. >> wait a while. really. trust me. wait. all right. good morning from the roof,
6:49 am
everybody. you can see it's beautiful behind me. notice how quiet and still it is. pier 9 right there, the flag barely moving. hey, i went to school yesterday. i know what you're saying, you probably needed it. fifth grade over in piedmont. beach elementary. talk to the fifth graders there. there they are. great kids. they had great questions. every time we go speak it seems like these kids get smarter and smarter at an earlier age. want to thank ms. med dris for inviting me. ms. sprague and misvalva. i had a great time. you have some great students. have them e-mail me if we didn't answer any of the questions. fun talk with those kids. thank you very much. hope you guys had a great time as much as i did. here's a look at what high pressure does on live doppler. light and variable the winds are this morning. look at the beautiful sunrise from the explore ra tore yum. nice to see it glistening off the ever so gently moving bay waters this morning. dry and warmer. light rain possible sunday evening. the north bay, the rest of it
6:50 am
monday morning. extended warmth and dry weather through next week after we get through next monday. high pressure during the overnight hour, that's what will bring us the quiet conditions. high clouds, sure, they'll rome over it from time to time but notice where the storm track is saturday evening. still well to the north. all the way through sun morning we may have a few sprinkles up north. a few sprinkles, a little drizzle during the day. once the sun sets at 7:00 sunday because it's daylight savings, that's when the rain starts to move in. it will move through the heart of the bay right during the early parts of the morning commute. you may have noticed there at the bottom of the screen, hawaii islands. we are talking about them all through the month of march. here's your three-day forecast. we're going to highlight the island of oweahu today. temperatures in the upper 70s. lows in the 60s. chance of rain today and
6:51 am
tomorrow, lesser extent sunday. look at the wind. a little breezy as we get towards saturday and sunday. safe travels if you're going there. send some pictures. put them on my facebook page or tweet them to me @mike niko. daylight saving, we lose that hour of sleep saturday night through sunday morning. most of sunday will be dry but we'll have more clouds so not quite as warm. monday will be the coolest with the chance in the morning. we'll clear out for the afternoon hours. low to mid 70s. hope you have a great weekend. here's sue hall. >> lots of sunshine. beautiful. we are going through the peninsula. southbound 101. belmont, ralston. earlier accident. it's out of lanes. everything is looking pretty good. green censors are good. we have now a new location southbound 680 ramp. it's closer to bariessa. you can look for slow traffic with a fender bender involved.
6:52 am
san mateo bridge. about a 14 to 15 minute drive at the limit. katie? >> sue, thank you. in los angeles a blind man survived after accidentally walking off a subway platform right into the path of an oncoming train. it didn't end there. a witness took the cell phone video after the train came to a stop yesterday right on top of the man. authorities say the train operator saw him on the edge of the platform, honked a warning but it was too late. the 47-year-old who had a cane fell on to the track and the train rolled right over him. fortunately he landed in a low spot between the tracks and did not get hit. the man did suffer some minor injuries in the fall but survived and obviously now has quite the story to tell. it's 6:52. ahead, seven things to know before you go. the abc 7 morning news returns
6:53 am
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand it off to "good morning america," seven things you need to know. a hayward grandmother and grandfather had to throw their 3-year-old grandson out of a window to see scape the fire. the boy's aunt was below to catch the little boy. the grandparents jumped to escape. maurice is doing just fine. number two, while crews were still on the scene of that fire another fire broke out near the apartment complex. nine cars were damaged. seven of them destroyed. officials say the two fires were not related, just a strange coincidence. >> number three, breaking news in the south bay. arson investigators are on the scene of a house fire in san jose. it broke out on edna way. investigators declared it a crime scene after talking to a man and woman who escaped the
6:55 am
fire. they are in the hospital being treated for burns. >> number four, a south bay lawmaker will announce legislation to deter cyber bullying. state senator jim bell is introducing audrey's law following the saratoga teen's death in 2012. belle wants to make sentences more severe in bullying cases like her. number 5, presidential phone calls and face-to-face meetings are not helping in the ukraine. putin told obama that russia is unable to ignore requests from russia's ukraine russian leaning south. they're planning for a referendum to split from u krin. and number six, let's check out live doppler 7 hd. see the fog? it's out there. it's mainly along the coast. the rest of us getting off easy. weather wise, it's not raining and dry. high clouds and sunshine. check out the beautiful picture. we'll be in the mid 60s and 70s.
6:56 am
and number 7, we are live and at the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. it's relatively light. the ramp is blocked with an accident. chp is on scene and they should have that cleared shortly. >> thank you and thank all of you for joining us. we continue now online, on twitter, facebook and mobile devices. >> we'll be back in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during
6:57 am
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visit your local branch or to learn more. good morning, america. tense talks. president obama warns vladimir putin over an hour-long phone call that pleas from ukraine for help cannot be ignored as russian forces roll into the country heavily armed. part of ukraine now on the verge of breaking away to join russia. happening now, bombshell testimony from the ex-girlfriend of oscar pistorius now on the stand. detailing his obsession with guns, never leaving home without one. and at times halting court as she broke down about his infidelity. down the drain. a man going after a $20 bill that slipped from his hands gets trapped in the sewer underground for two days. the high school kids who heard something strange. so did he get his $20 back? hi. >> meet colin, the boy who just wanted a birthday party but didn't know who to invite.


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